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Información sobre Alérgenos: Contiene almendras y huevo.

Puede contener trazas de otros frutos secos de cascara, gluten, leche, sésamo, soja y cacahuete.

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Amarguillo is one of the most typical and characteristic sweets among the specialties of Medina Sidonia.Consisting of a delicious marzipan emulsified with egg and a touch of bitter almond, to which it owes its name.So, along with the Alfajor de Medina, it is considered a jewel of Asidonense pastry, appreciated from all the regions of Spain.They can be enjoyed throughout the year and are the best excuse to take a trip to one of the most important towns in the La Janda area.Enjoy our delicious amarguillo without having to leave home with all the freshness and flavor as if you bought it directly from the workshop.If you have never tasted the bitters of Medina Sidonia, do not miss this opportunity.


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