Cooler Folding Picnic Thermal Basket 30L


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  • 46cm
  • 30L
  • Practical Design

Out of stock

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Portable refrigerator in basket format with a capacity of 30 litres. Ideal for carrying food and drinks and maintaining their temperature for longer (hot and cold). Elegant design in dark grey and orange with measurements of 46x26x23 cm and removable aluminium handle. Made of polyester with waterproof and insulating lining.

It can be folded like an accordion after use to take up less space. Aktive Cooler thermal bags: Portable cooler in folding picnic basket format, measures 46x26x23 cm, capacity: 30 litres. Large capacity: The basket allows you to store a large amount of food or drinks and maintain its temperature thanks to the double zipper closure.

Elegant and practical: Grey and orange design, the aluminium handle can be removed, the cooler folds to take up less space, with rubber bumpers on the base. For any outdoor occasion: A versatile solution to carry food and drinks and maintain their temperature both hot and cold. Waterproof and washable: Its inner layer prevents deterioration in the event of possible spills and can be easily washed by hand.

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