iDesign Crisp Bin with Lid – Clear


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  • DEAL STORAGE: In this plastic box with a lid, fruit, vegetables, cheese, cookies or nuts can be freshly stored in the fridge or kitchen cupboard.
  • HANDY LID: The food box features a deep-set sliding lid which allows easy access to the contents. Food can also be stored on top of the box.
  • PORTABLE & STACKABLE: With the two handles, the food storage container can easily be moved and carried. To make optimal use of vertical storage space, the box is stackable.
  • OPTIMAL DESIGN: At 16.5cm x 32.4cm x 10.2cm, the storage bin offers plenty of storage space, and also easily fits in most kitchen cupboards, fridges or on the shelf.

In stock


The storage boxes from this series create order in the fridge or kitchen cupboard and also help keep food fresh and crisp for longer. For safe food storage, the containers are made of durable BPA-free plastic. Ideal food storage: This plastic box is a must-have for food storage in the fridge or kitchen cupboard.

The box with lid is ideal for storing fruit, vegetables, cheese and cookies or cake and keeps the contents fresh and safe. Thanks to the transparent design, the contents of the box are always visible. The box also features a lid which can not only be used as a storage surface for other food products or for stacking another box, but can also easily be slid aside to open the box. This allows access to the contents without having to remove the box from the cupboard or shelf. If the box does need to be moved, it can simply be carried using the two handles on the sides. The stackable box is made of shatter-resistant BPA-free plastic and is therefore ideal for safely storing food. Item number: 71380EU Material: Plastic Dimensions: 16.5cm x 32.4cm x 10.2cm

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