iDesign Fridge+Freeze Deep Binz


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  • With this storage container comes order and organisation in the fridge and freezer. It can provide a neat, space-saving option for storing all kinds of food.
  • Because the practical kitchen organiser has built-in handles, it can be easily removed from the cupboard to the fridge or anywhere else in the house.
  • Due to the stackable design of this storage box, the space in the freezer, fridge, cupboards or wherever the box is placed will be used optimally.
  • With a size of 20.5 cm x 37.0 cm x 10.0 cm, this plastic box for food storage offers plenty of space for supplies in the fridge and freezer.
  • These functional fridge containers are made of a sturdy plastic, which ensures it is durable enough for use in the freezer. It is also easy to clean.

Out of stock

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Organise food items in your refrigerator and freezer with our Fridge Binz system. Made from clear Resipreme® plastic with ribbing detail, they have built-in handles for easy accessibility. These modular units can be stacked for optimal space saving. Combine the Fridge Binz 8 x 4 – Deep Bin with other Fridge Binz to customize your fridge storage.

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