Are you thinking of changing that old umbrella that always blows away on windy days? This is something that happens more times than usual and, in the end, you spend more time running after the umbrella or holding it than enjoying a nice day at the beach. For this reason, and to make your next getaway to the beach as satisfying as possible, we recommend you opt for windproof umbrellas like this one that you have right in front of you. A beach umbrella designed with ventilation, so that on windy days, the air passes through its interior and exits through the roof without making it fly. In addition, it has a silver interior coating and UV 50 sun protection that help reduce the temperature under the umbrella. A success for this summer!


Type: Max Air windproof beach umbrella Brand: Aktive Beach Colour: blue and white stripes Size: large Number of ribs: 8 Tilting pole: to direct the umbrella according to the position of the sun Sun protection: UV 50 Silver interior coating Windproof: with chimney that favors air circulation Adjustable height: yes Includes matching storage and transport bag with handles
Umbrella measurements: 200 cm in diameter
Mast: 28/32 cm in diameter

Materials Canopy: polyester Pole: aluminum Poles: fiberglass
Use and maintenance

Clean with a damp cloth (avoid abrasive products) Store in the storage and transport bag in a dry place away from moisture when not in use
Make your beach days good with Aktive Beach!