Large windproof beach umbrellas
Tired of going to the beach and having your umbrella blown over and you end up having to run after it so it doesn't get in the way of other bathers? This is something that happens more times than usual and is an uncomfortable moment that prevents you from enjoying a pleasant day in the sun in peace. For this reason, we recommend you opt for windproof umbrellas, so that your next getaway to the beach is as rewarding as possible. 
It stands out for being a large beach umbrella with upper ventilation, designed so that when it is very windy, the air passes through the interior and exits through the roof without making it fly. And not only that, another of its main features is that it reclines so you can adjust it to be comfortable at all times without being bothered by the sun. In addition, it has a silver interior coating and UV50 sun protection that helps reduce the temperature under the umbrella.


Type: Max Air Windproof Beach Umbrella
Brand: Active Beach
Coral - Color
Big size
Number of ribs: 8
Tiltable mast: to orient the parasol according to the position of the sun
Sun protection: UV50 Silver lining
Windproof: With upper chimney that favours air circulation
adjustable height: Yes